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1. Promote National Unity

Suqui must urge all its members not to discriminate  against other races. Suqui must look into its members'  companies that salary, benefits, etc, must be based on  the employees' knowledge and ability to perform. Higher  salary and benefits should not be given just simply because one is a chinese and lower salary be given  simply because one is a Malay or indian.

In trading, Suqui must urge its members not to impose higher price if the buyer is a malay or indian, and  lower price if the buyer is a chinese. This happends too obvious in wholesale consumer product industries where Suqui members has monopoly power  (we'll talk more when we talk about demand #6 - monopoly).

Suqui member must not discriminate and look into race of the people they are dealing with.


2. Uphold Human Rights and Justice

Suqui must urge its member to practice basic human right  in their respective companies. They must first look at  a human as a human, not as a chinese or others. Their employees are not their slaves that they think their  employees are.

3. Curb Corruption

Suqui must urge its members NOT to bribe, may it be in form of monetery,  entertainment, women or any other forms. Suqui must urge its members to learn to do business with dignity and fairness, not inducing corruption and treat. Also, Suqui must urge its members to curb the practice of nepotism and cronysm by doing away the culture of selecting partners either among their own race, or will only take partners from other race if that partners has political influences.

4. A Fair and Equitable Economic Policy

Suqui must remind its members of the history of 100 years before 1957. Suqui must teach its members the history on how the wealth was gathered during that era with the help of the British and with that wealth, more wealth were created even after 1957. Also with that wealth, the "bumiputra" were deprived, put down, discriminated etc until 1969 when the tension that were created can't be tolerated anymore.

Suqui must urge its member to accept the quota system as that be the system to counter the imbalance that were enjoyed by the Suqui members for more than 100 years.

5. Review the Privatisation Policy

Suqui must urged its members not to monopoly any area of business and tried to kill competition using its monopoly power before even mention the word "anti-monopoly".

Suqui members who already monopolise areas like consumer products, hardware engineering and services, etc, must relinquish their power and let their competitors gain some strength and flourish. Killing  competitiveness is unhealthy for the consumers and business alike.

6. An Enlightened, Liberal and Progressive Education Policy

While a lot of malay independent schools stands with  ZERO funding from the goverment, Suqui must teach its members to learn to fund their own community schools or just send their children to the public schools. A lot of malay parents who choose NOT to send their children to goverment funded public school were facing higher school fees, but they don't complaint. So, Suqui must teach its members to either send their children to chinese school and stop complaining, or just send them to public schools.

And, why do Suqui asked a lot of priorities given to chinese schools but in the same time asked benefits of the bumiputras to be lessen? This kind of contradiction is so obvious and looked like, "In order for me to go up, you must go down".  

7. Protect the Malaysian Environment

Beautify burial grounds.... ???

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.... ini pun nak suruh goverment buat ke? You clean your own parent's kubur laa.... Now who's the lazy bums?

8. Other Suqui's demand are generic human needs that were added to make Suqui looks like the champion of the humanity who looked after and interested in the betterment of malaysian life.

The fact is they are all BULLSHITS. Suqui do not have any interest in them (who are the illegal loggers who demolish orang asli's settlements? Can you find Suqui members there?). Suqui just want to be seen as a champion. In fact, they are just dogs that shits all over the places but urged others to use the toilet.

Suqui members must learn not to be like a dog that shit all over the places but urge others to use the toilet.

What an irony!!!!